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Commission and YCH Status: Open !!!

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 10/27/2022

By purchasing from me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service.

General Terms of Use

  • I have the right to display art in portfolios or on social media pages, unless asked otherwise by the commissioner.

  • You cannot use my art or sheet music for commercial use without my permission.

  • Don't claim anything I create as your own, that's just not cool.

  • While it's not required, I would appreciate it if you post anything you've purchased from me, to credit/tag me.

  • You must pay the price we agree on when taking a commission once it's finished, preferably in full.

  • Upon receiving payment for a commission of digital art, I will send you an unwatermarked version of the art.

  • Tips are by no means necessary, but I would be much obliged.

  • I reserve the right to turn down any commission.


These YCH's will only be open for two days after the con! They are open now, but will close at 12:00 AM EST on Feburary 13th, 2024

- Any breed
-Any expression

Add shading +$2 USD
Add complex background +$5 USD

Payment Method: Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp

$20 USD

Want something more personalized? Commission some custom art from me! Just be sure to ask for a "Ginga" style! I'd be more than happy to do some. Check out my commissions page here!

Sheet Music

These sheets are free for personal use! In the google drive link below, you'll find PDF files of my arrangements and I can provide MIDI files upon request. If you need help with anything, or if something isn't working properly, please let me know!

Here is a list of the tracks I've been working on:

Ginga Nagareboshi GinGinga Densetsu Weed
TomorrowGinga Densetsu Weed - Acoustic
󠁫Jerome & Kaibutsu

There will be more to come! I hope you all enjoy! You can find the completed sheets below.

Would you like to make a request? Don't hesitate to reach out to me! I can't promise how long it would take for me to finish an arrangement, but I would really appreciate the input!


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Contact Me

If you're interested in purchasing a YCH please don't hesitate to reach out to me!I'm most active on Discord at soleii., but I'll also be able to respond to DMs on my Instagram, as well as my email.I should be with you shortly!